Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Whitney and I before dinner
I turned the very anticipated 21 last week on December 1st. I had really high hopes in my head about how I wanted to celebrate, but it turned out to be a quiet celebration with those that love me the most close to me. I spent the day with Whitney- lingerie shopping (of course) and watching the Disney channel. She was so excited for my birthday and it really helped me get excited as well.That night I invited all my close friends to go to Happy Sumo for my birthday dinner- it was a random, but fun group. I really appreciated all the people I love being willing to come together and be around me as I celebrated.

After dinner, I went up to the Owl Bar at Sundance. There were only four of us there... the snow was falling outside and it was so great to just sit and talk around the fire.
Birthdays to me are a big deal... I think it is so important to have one day a year to celebrate our friend's and family's lives. I wish that I would tell the people in my life how much they mean to me more often, so I love birthdays to make a whole day about them.
I kept thinking on my birthday- what makes this day special? That is what I ultimately came up with- December the first is the day that my Heavenly Father chose to put me on Earth and let me begin my mortal journey. God controls two very important things in this life, the day we enter the world and the day we leave. I kept thinking how grateful I am to be alive and how each birthday marks a year of lessons learned and experiences had. I am looking forward to this next trip around the sun... I think some big things will be happening. :)

I'm grateful to all the people who remembered me on my birthday- even people I havent seen in years, just to say happy birthday and that they were thinking of me. Im also grateful to the people who helped me make my birthday special. YAY for being 21.... oh the possiblities are endless.