Monday, July 12, 2010


This Painting by Vermeer Started it all.... It is my favorite painting in the world. I feel such a deep connection to the girl. It is as if she is trying to fulfill the role the earring makes her play. She is so delicate, yet holds herself with such strength and grace. There is a longing in her eyes that is deceived by the upwards curl of her lips. She is a mystery, confused even by herself.

No blog on pearls would be complete without a picture of Aubrey wearing her Tiffany's pearls. Aprons and Pearls was a club my best friend Clara and I started in high school. It is centered around renaissance women- educated, strong, witty, beautiful, strong, talented, musical, homemakers. Women who could run the world, but instead choose to stay at home and use all their talents to bless the lives of their own families. This is the woman I choose to be.

"The formation of a natural pearl begins when a foreign substance slips into the oyster between the mantle and the shell, which irritate s the mantle. It's kind of like the oyster getting a splinter. The oyster's natural reaction is to cover up that irritant to protect itself. The man tle covers the irritant with layers of the same nacre substance that is used to create the shell. This eventually forms a pearl."

I have always been fascinated with pearls. The idea that something so beautiful is created from a single grain of sand is phenomenal. Even more so, it is the treasure created by the oyster overcoming the trial of invasion. I hope that through my challenges I come out producing pearls of my own.

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