Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Exception

My friend Mallory and I love to talk about our love lives together- we've rejoiced in each others almost happy endings and empathized with each other's heart breaks. After a long summer of discussing our loneliness and exchanging break-up novels, things finally came to a wrap today. We realized no matter how much you try to figure out "why he did what he did" or read away your broken heart or find the imperfections that made you not good enough, relationships just don't make sense. You could think of all the reasons in the world why you broke up and then one day when you reconcile, discover it was the only ONE you didn't think of. (This has happened to me multiple times.)

On our reading therapy kick, one of our favorites was He's Just Not That Into You. It is a great read and I believe that if a guy really wants you, he will go to the edges of the earth to make you his. It also discusses that many women believe that they are the exception to the rule: convincing themselves that the booty call will turn into a relationship, it's been three weeks since he said he would call, but he just lost his phone, he will leave the woman he cheats on for you, he says he doesn't want a long-term thing, but then changes his mind.

But why do we think these exceptions are even possible? Because it does happen. I love asking people how they met, how they stayed together, how they made it work; it usually has some crazy story behind it. Love is a tricky little monster. It loves to humble us and show itself in ways we never thought possible. People who found each other and stayed together ARE the exception. Think of how many people are on this earth. Think of how many times we all fail in relationships. Think of how many people you have to break-up with to find the one.

We all get to be the exception once in our lives. We all get our fairy tale. One day the right prince charming will come back and break all the stupid relationship rules and make you his exception. I haven't lost hope. My daddy always told me that I was a princess and I deserve my fairy tale. I'm patiently waiting, but I am starting to get a bit tired of kissing frogs.