Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I had a really meaningful interaction tonight.

This afternoon I was wasting time: went to the Orem Public Library, Borders, and drove, and then I was supposed to go to the State Hospital to volunteer. I really wanted to go to a movie, but decided that I would volunteer... Im so glad I did.

It was Western Night at the hospital so we had a whole assortment of games for the patients: snake in boots, slingshots, making leather bracelets, and making crafts. I was working the craft table because I am still not feeling very well after the surgery on Friday. I was just making these little leather coin purses and one of the lady patients came up and sat down. At first I noticed all the nacho cheese all over her face and honestly was kinda grossed out so I went to get her some napkins. When I came back I helped her clean up, then taught her how to make a leather coin purse. She asked me what I was going to school for and I told her to be a physician assistant and the conversation took off when she told me her son also wanted to be a PA. She told me all about her 17 year old son that goes to Timpanogos High School and how she is so proud of him. He volunteers at Timpanogos ER, runs cross country, and just got done with his eagle scout. She also has a daughter that loves art and is really talented at dancing.

I dont know what it was about the simple hour conversation but I felt like I hadn't had such a REAL conversation with someone in so long. She told me about her hopes and fears for her children. She told me about her ex-husband. She told me about how she used to shop at Nordstrom and she bought this $100 wallet that she loved using in the Summers. She told me she hopes she can get better so she can move into an assisted living home and be close to her children. We laughed and joked and connected. I made a friend today. I am more proud of that than anything I have done in a long time.

It is true that you find yourself when you loose yourself in service. How grateful I am that for an hour I could be an instrument in God's hands to bring happiness and friendship to one of his daughters. But Im still not sure if it wasn't the other way around... God knows how lonely I am and I gained so much from her.

I was in so much pain because of my teeth, but it somehow didn't matter. All that I cared about was her. I wanted her children to succeed as much as she did. I wanted her to get better so she could progress. I prayed for her when I left. I forgot what that was like- to love so purely- be filled with so much charity.

I'm grateful. I'm loved. I'm not alone. I'm going to be ok.

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