Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Funday

I went up to Oktoberfest with my friends Shawn and Devon today. It was funny to see their interpretation of the Bavarian culture. Then I had a really good talk with Shawn-- we decided to put the past in the past and start over....

After I made us dinner and then we went for a bike ride on my favorite road- it is an abandoned road in north provo. I think I am going to film my first short story there... so there is a clip of Shawn and I crusin on it.

Afterwards we stopped by Devon's family's house. It was so nice to talk with his family and see all the little kids. I want that all someday so bad- a beautiful home, husband, family, children, and grandkids. Devon's mother is an amazing homemaker, I hope to be like her someday. She made a killer apple pie!!!! Then we rode back to Shawn's house and called it a night. It was a perfect Autumn day. Everything I needed. Family, friends, nature, love, bikeride, beautiful day, favorite part of town, apple pie, and halloween decor.


  1. thanks for posting that video! i miss hearing your laugh... lets make that happen more often!