Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tattoo izzie

I want a tattoo so freaking bad!!!! After looking at and searching worst tattoos, my decision to get it done by only the best, was supported. I want it to be beautiful, colorful, a true work of art. I can't think of anything that I believe in so strongly that I want on my body, but art is a universal truth. I want it to be something that moves me, and always will.

I love the colors of this tattoo... The art is kinda dumb, but colorwise this is what Im thinking.
This girls tattoos are just badass... so hot and so is her body.
I just like that this girl doesn't look like a stereotypical girl that would get tattoos and she totally rocks them!
And of course.... Megan Fox's side tattoo. This is the placement I'm thinking.

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  1. Some things to consider:

    * There is a scab that forms on a new tattoo. You have to avoid the sun for like 3 weeks (so maybe the winter time would be the best time to get a tattoo? I know you how you love to bask in the sun during the summer time ;)

    * If the scab gets infected and falls off too soon, the ink will not be probably fixed in the skin and your tattoo image will be negatively affected.

    * Some health risks can be involved. Make sure it is high quality ink. I hear some inks can be toxic.

    Maybe you could go to Oregon or Hawaii to get it done. These states require the tattoo artists to take a health and saftey test and pass it before they practice it.

    Or go to the best professional avaliable and make sure they are really clean, hygenic, and that they sterilize everything/wash their hands really good.

    * Also make sure that the tattoo artist is really an artist and that they have steady hands. Ask to see someone else they worked on for proof of their abilities.

    * Don't tattoos fade or get distorted or time? This is another thing to take into consideration. The tattoos that you like look bad-ass because they are new and freshly done. They won't look so hot 10 years or so from now.

    * I hear that tattoos can turn a yellow-ish color over time. Maybe it depends on the colors you use? Maybe choose a color that doesn't turn yellow and a design that won't get distorted over the years.

    * Also pick something that you won't mind having the rest of your life - something you will never get sick of. Otherwise it is expensive and pricy to do the laser surgery to have it removed.

    * I was thinking Henna could be something you could try out, but wiki says it has some health risks:

    * Is there some type of tattoo that you can do that is not permanent? That way you could try a certain tattoo/placement for a year or so. Then if you still are madly in love with the design/placement, consider getting it as a tattoo. If you are sick of it after a year and want something new, be glad it was not permanent.

    I know I once talked to a hairstylist who had a tattoo on her hand. She said at the time she got it, it seemed like a good idea and it was a birthday present to herself. Now she regrets it. She doesn't like it anymore and is sick of it. It's upsetting to her everytime she sees it - especially since she sees it every day as she styles people hair.

    Mitzi - I just think you are gorgeous. You really have a talent with fashion. I always think you look so trendy and up-to-date. A tattoo may look bad-ass for a few years, but over time there is a good chance of you getting sick of it or upset that it is fading/distorted and/or you might wish you got a different tattoo/a different placement/different color, etc.

    Here is where I got some of my information about tattoos. Very interesting to read: