Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years

It being New Years and all has put me in a reflective mood. I have been thinking about all the changes 2010 has brought to my life. People who have come, people who have gone. Places I have moved, things I have seen. Interested I have gained, hobbies I have found.

Without a doubt, this year has been the most challenging of my life. Every week was a struggle. It seemed that every time something would start going well, an unexpected event would set my life for an unwelcome spin. Which brings me to the lesson I have learned from 2010... drum roll please..... let life happen and love it.

Now before you get all disappointed in my weak sauce life lesson, you have to understand me. I have been on a life plan since I was 12 years old. I have been so driven and wanted to force things to happen according to what I wanted (ok maybe a bit of a control freak). But you never can account in your plan for all the turns life makes. Some have been bad and challenged my will to hang on, others have been unexpectantly beautiful. I know now that no matter the up or down, this is my life! Everything is going to make me who I need to be. I will accomplish my dreams, but Im just going to let God lead me where He feels I need to be. He knows me and loves me. Everything finds a way to work itself out without me being a stress case over it. If things are meant to be, they will. If there is something better, life will lead me towards that better thing.

Top 10 Best Memories of 2010....
1. Vegas New Years 2010, hearing someone say they love me for the first time
2. My Sisters Wedding in Portland, dancing at the reception with my Aunt
3. Vegas Shopping Spree, picking out a pair of Jimmy Choos and Armani
4. Camping in Strawberry Valley, setting up a camp site, sitting by the fire
5. Riding my bike on the abandoned road in Provo, finding my own special place
6. Swimming through the narrows at Lake Powell, being covered in stuff I dont even want to know...
7. Learning how to snowboard, learning how to communicate to someone my needs
8. Watching the meteor shower on an air mattress, realizing no matter what time passes, true friendship is never lost
9. Roadtrip to California, making new friendships with an amazing group of people
10. Vegas for my brothers wedding, laying by the Bellagio pool with my family, drinking lime and bitters

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