Saturday, January 15, 2011

Climb on

I have been rock climbing with some friends lately and loving it!!!! (Loving looking at sexy man backs as well.... Climbers have the most mmm mmm good definition in their backs.)
I really enjoy boulder climbing the best, but I get the biggest high from climbing the wall. I have a slight fear of heights so once I get past a certain point on the wall, my heart starts pounding, my hands starts sweating, and it becomes more than just finding the next hold. I have to overcome my fears and have some major metacognition going on.
I love climbers as people, too. They are usually so chill and welcoming, which can be a nice break from the culture I find myself in. I dont know why it is that they all fit into the stereotype of hippy climbers, but I'll play with a guy with long, curly blonde hair and sexy muscle definition anyday.

I dont know how legit this guy is... hahahahha but look at those sex lines! Hello!

You see what Im saying? All about the back...

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