Saturday, January 22, 2011

My lips

Jumping- free falling- loving

My lips feel different today.
Like coming home after a long leave of absense.
They feel full of life.
Lucky they were given the chance to say the things
that shouldn't have gone unsaid.
Lucky you were willing to listen.
Lucky you didn't judge.
Lucky they found you.

Too often in our lives we dont say the things we should.
But what if today was our last chance?
That is how I am choosing to live my life.
Say the things that shouldn't be left unsaid.
Beautiful lips are lips that speak kind, honest words.
It takes humility. It takes strength.
What a reward they were given for finding that courage.

They naturally curve upwards like they used to.
Doing so, in such ease, it's like they never knew any different.
They are lovely. They are full. They are honest. They are happy.
They are more beautiful than they have ever been.
Then again, you always seem to leave me that way.

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