Monday, January 17, 2011

Today Was a GOOD day!

poor Chris got a blackeye from a fall... hahahaha

I had so much fun today! Chris and I went snowboarding up at the Canyons- quite the resort! I got my toe side turns down and I was curving my little ass down the mountain! I was so proud. The sun kept peaking out behind the peaks and it was gorgeous!
Then I came home and watched some GLEE while I rearranged my room. Then I took ZUMBA with Melissa. If you haven't ever taken a Zumba class- DO IT. Best aerobic class you will ever take.
I am honestly loving being single. The freedom is wonderful. My life is stress-free and I am enjoying it all. Celine and I have really bonded and we just laugh and laugh and laugh. We have been staying up til like 3 every night and I wake up at 7... so needless to say, we both got a little sick :) ha worth it. Man, I love college.

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