Monday, April 25, 2011

Camping in ZIONS

Had the opportunity to go camping this weekend with my friends in Zions. Being in the company of my close friends in a place so beautiful was such a blessing. SO much to be grateful for... exquisite places with exquisite friends.
View from our Campsite
Ladies inspired after my Yoga Lesson
My students
Picture of me leading some yoga on the cliff
Jocelyn and I on top of Angels Landing
Flying above the 1800 Foot Drop
The group
After the hike up, I laid down to enjoy the sun while we listened to John Mayer. So peaceful
We all smashed in a 12 Man Tent. Not my best nights rest.... ha
Had such a great time this Easter weekend with my buddies. Truly an amazing, fun, energetic group of people. Zions was still so green, as it is Spring, and the contrast of the green against the Red Rock is majestic. I had never done anything quite like the hike up to Angels Landing. The last .5 mile you are holding to a metal chain while you climb the cliff up, 1800 feet drops on all sides. It was a rush for sure. It was a special place for me on top of that cliff. A place where the world can just be quiet. Lovely to feel that peace surrounded by people who genuinely care about me. First camping trip of 2011 Summer! Boo ya

Friday, April 22, 2011

I want a perfect body. I want a perfect soul.

Summer Inspiration! Hello, bombshell.Michelle, Jocelyn, Celine, and Me..... No big deal
Love you love you love you, Heidi.
Ok, Im sorry.... but look at her ass! Seriously. If Demi can do it, anybody can!

Rad Pics of the Day

I do too, Andy.
I love this look!
What big eyes you have.
I would love to decorate my flat this way. Downtown San Fran.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Welcome Blonde. Welcome Summer

Celine and I had a bit of a photo shoot today..... hahahah

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Due Time

I blame the rain for making me miss you.
That must be why the fall and spring are so hard.
I can't help but think about backseats, mystical darkness, loud rain on the roof of your car, and your fear of cougars.
The night when a love so grand began that it took an entire album, instead of a song, to be its anthem.
I wonder sometimes if you remember.
It's important to...
Whether we want to face it or not, those memories can never be forgotten.
Im glad I get to remember.
I've chosen to take that feeling that aches so deep in my chest when I think of you as a good thing.
It means that love does exist.
It is out there somewhere.
He is out there somewhere.

xo Mittens

Friday, April 8, 2011


This is inspiration for me for my final art project- a conceptual piece. I am excited. I don't want to give it way.... but I will post pictures of it when I am done. Expect great things :)

What a Beautiful Morning!

A cozy bed, book, and green tea lemonade from Starbucks. Perfect morning.
I will own a chandelier like this someday.
My Favorite View of Safety
Road Trip!!!!
Go sit in your corner.
Daily Affirmation
Hello, bombshell.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Follow-up to the 70s Party

Here is your laugh for the day

No but he is above the law though....

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

STORY time

Here is a picture of Craig and I at the Boiling River in Yellowstone
We be spoonin at Spoon Me
Mike and I at the 70s Party... yes Mike you are the sexiest man in Provo. We all know it. And we look damn good in this picture. Eric adds a lot as well....
My sexy lady friends- Aly, McKell, Michelle (New roomie), Me, Celine, Brit, Stacey

So crazy story time! I have always wondered how it would be to see my ex again. It is strange to run into someone in a different time when the two people meeting again are not really the same as they were. Everyday apart changes you. Better or worse.
Anyway.... so Saturday night Im at this party up on the hill in this mansion that all these guys live at. It was a 70s theme party so OBVIOUSLY Im dressed up in knee high white heel boots, a short long sleeve dress, sex hair like you wouldnt believe, and the darkest eye make-up I could manage (see photos above). All my friends and roommates all dressed up too and we were super hyper. We go inside and start socializing like we do :) and next thing I know I turn around and Craig is standing in front of me! Like Craig. Craig Jaynes. My first boyfriend. My first love. Like we had to breakup over the phone because we could never breakup in person... ha.
Anyway we small talk and I can tell he is super nervous. His voice was shaking. Turns out he had just moved into that house THAT day. He is back in Provo. Wierd how life is.
I didn't stand in front of him as the naive girl that I used to be before. I stood before him a woman. I was confident. I was beautiful. I was happy. I was loving. I was strong. I was radiant. It felt amazing. I am so freaking glad I had those damn white boots on! hahahah. They got quite a lot of attention that night. Apparently guys have a thing for knee high boots? Go figure.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Loving more than I should

Do it.
Set fire to the rain.
We could make stars of our own.
Wherever you may be.
Keep it close. Keep it safe.