Monday, April 25, 2011

Camping in ZIONS

Had the opportunity to go camping this weekend with my friends in Zions. Being in the company of my close friends in a place so beautiful was such a blessing. SO much to be grateful for... exquisite places with exquisite friends.
View from our Campsite
Ladies inspired after my Yoga Lesson
My students
Picture of me leading some yoga on the cliff
Jocelyn and I on top of Angels Landing
Flying above the 1800 Foot Drop
The group
After the hike up, I laid down to enjoy the sun while we listened to John Mayer. So peaceful
We all smashed in a 12 Man Tent. Not my best nights rest.... ha
Had such a great time this Easter weekend with my buddies. Truly an amazing, fun, energetic group of people. Zions was still so green, as it is Spring, and the contrast of the green against the Red Rock is majestic. I had never done anything quite like the hike up to Angels Landing. The last .5 mile you are holding to a metal chain while you climb the cliff up, 1800 feet drops on all sides. It was a rush for sure. It was a special place for me on top of that cliff. A place where the world can just be quiet. Lovely to feel that peace surrounded by people who genuinely care about me. First camping trip of 2011 Summer! Boo ya


  1. Incredible pictures! Wow! I love the yoga pictures ;) Looks like you have a fun group of friends. That's crazy about the last .5 mile of the hike - I would probably be to much of a baby to do that part. Your beautiful and brave. I look forward to seeing more pictures of your adventures on your blog this summer :)

  2. Im excited to have more adventures to post more fun pictures!!! im glad you enjoyed :)