Tuesday, April 5, 2011

STORY time

Here is a picture of Craig and I at the Boiling River in Yellowstone
We be spoonin at Spoon Me
Mike and I at the 70s Party... yes Mike you are the sexiest man in Provo. We all know it. And we look damn good in this picture. Eric adds a lot as well....
My sexy lady friends- Aly, McKell, Michelle (New roomie), Me, Celine, Brit, Stacey

So crazy story time! I have always wondered how it would be to see my ex again. It is strange to run into someone in a different time when the two people meeting again are not really the same as they were. Everyday apart changes you. Better or worse.
Anyway.... so Saturday night Im at this party up on the hill in this mansion that all these guys live at. It was a 70s theme party so OBVIOUSLY Im dressed up in knee high white heel boots, a short long sleeve dress, sex hair like you wouldnt believe, and the darkest eye make-up I could manage (see photos above). All my friends and roommates all dressed up too and we were super hyper. We go inside and start socializing like we do :) and next thing I know I turn around and Craig is standing in front of me! Like Craig. Craig Jaynes. My first boyfriend. My first love. Like we had to breakup over the phone because we could never breakup in person... ha.
Anyway we small talk and I can tell he is super nervous. His voice was shaking. Turns out he had just moved into that house THAT day. He is back in Provo. Wierd how life is.
I didn't stand in front of him as the naive girl that I used to be before. I stood before him a woman. I was confident. I was beautiful. I was happy. I was loving. I was strong. I was radiant. It felt amazing. I am so freaking glad I had those damn white boots on! hahahah. They got quite a lot of attention that night. Apparently guys have a thing for knee high boots? Go figure.

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