Thursday, May 19, 2011


In February, I took a trip to California. This trip was very meaningful as it had the purpose of reminding me who I am. Most of my days were spent watching old family videos and reconnecting with the little blonde girl who too often was their star. Remembering who I am, my strengths, the beauty of my individuality. Much had happened that shook me as a person. I felt as though I was destroying the parts of me that were added by other people and influences. Now I hold close the characteristics of my soul that make me Mitzi. Moody, witty, independent, selfish, proud, loving, funny, eclectic. Good and bad. I know who I am.Trinidad Beach- those are two guys surfing.
I would take walks in the sand and just listen to what the ocean had to say.

My parent's house is right here, looking at Trinidad bay. On sunny days, it is breath-taking.
One of my favorite pictures that I took.

My older sister, Cassandra, and I. She is lovely.

Mom read us the books she ordered to send to Australia for the baby and kids.

A soothing song, I hope you take the time to listen...

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