Monday, May 9, 2011

Spring Fling

Spring has been very welcome to me this year. A time of new beginnings. Renewal. A fresh start. Driving down the canyon from work has become my new favorite past time. The winding creek I follow makes the most soothing babble. I am a windows down kinda gal- the sun and wind on my face make me feel so alive. The sensation of warmth and cool rejuvenate me. It is ecstasy for my senses.
Last Friday, even though it was 8 when I got off work, I couldn't keep myself indoors. I had to go for a run. The aura of the environment was so intoxicating. It was a special night. Do you ever have those times? When things in the universe just click for a while and you feel so at peace. I wonder if I am the only one in that moment who realizes it. Maybe it is a special time, just for me. A little reminder from God of His unconditional love for me.
I felt so blessed, I had to share. I wish you the same moments of peace. I bet if you look for them, they will find you.

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