Monday, June 13, 2011

Chris Botti

One of my favorite jazz musicians of all time... Chris Botti. Truly takes you to a different place. I have been a lover of jazz my whole life, mostly thanks to my father's amazing taste in music. His music speaks to me. His album A Thousand Kisses Deep is a must for any jazz fan! There is something so sensual about the way he plays trumpet. What should be an oxymoron... and yet he is telling a story. To me it is the narrative of a summer love that grows beneath the trees. Close your eyes and get lost.....

Thursday, June 9, 2011


I have been out of commission the past week fighting this damn bronchitis, and it just makes me want to explore the EARTH!!!! How amazing that if we explore everyday the rest of our lives, we would still only be able to see 10% of everything this world has to offer. Makes you wanna get out there and get on some adventures hun?


There is something so special about the time right before the sun goes down and the night begins. The transition of light and movement and earth and time. Twlight: when the golden rays of the sun show their brightest as they are burning out the last of their energy. It is in this time, Twilight, that I find a lot of strength.