Thursday, July 28, 2011

Did you know...

I love tree houses! Good stuff went down in my tree house growing up.
It is still wierd for me to be living in the same place as you with so much room between us.
I love APPLES!!! I can't get enough. Apple anything is fine in my book.
One day I am going to just let myself get lost on a train in Europe. Seeing the back country of Germany, untouched by society was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life.
You still come to my mind everytime someone kisses me. I guess that is how I will know when I find the one. You will finally be put in your place as the forgotten nothing. Right where you belong.
Without books this world would be a lost and lonely place.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


I walked around Borders today for the last time before I went to work. Something about the half empty shelves and "everything must go" signs really upset me. It seemed like such a critical end to such an important part of our society. I kept looking around at the people, wondering if I was the only one who noticed what this sale really means. It means the end. It means our society has taken one more step towards technology, leaving a romance of literature in the rubble.
There is nothing quite like the smell of books. From books ages old found in the library to new books, it is such a unique aroma. I find it comforting. In old books, it is the reminder of the people who have come before. The people who have read the exact same words in a different time. It is that exact copy of book that connects us together, from the past to the present. In new books it is the smell of paper that has never been touched, ink that has never been read. The excitement of something new and all your own.
Holding a physical copy of a novel in my hands is so much of what reading is about for me. I hope that people wont let go of that. I hope that these "kindle"s and other electronic books wont replace a real book.
On a more shallow and personal note, Im sad that my favorite place to study and hang out will no longer be there. So often I have studied there because the thought of spending extra time at BYU was too repulsive. Many memories there. Another change in my life this year. I feel like I have been closing chapter after chapter, waiting for the universe to bring new chapters into my life.
Here's to looking forwards. To letting change happen so that a brighter future may take place. (As long as that brighter future includes real books, Im all good.)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mixed Bag

Summer Beauty

A Visual SNACK

A post has been so long overdue... with school, work, and exercising I haven't had much time to keep y'all updated. So this post promises to be full of beauty, love, humor, and adventure...Schunbrun Palace in Vienna... One of my favorites to visit on my trip in Europe
Imagine this room filled with gorgeous gowns, exquisite music, beautiful people, flowing champagne, whispered romance.... oh to go to a ball.
Gotta love summer..
My secret kept.
This look does not get old!!!!!
From the outside looking in... I envy these people. Isn't it amazing to think that people actually get to live here!?
She is beautiful.
Muhahahahahahahahahahhaahah this is your laugh for the day. muahahahahahahah
I love the colors in this picture. Perfect color palate for a home.
This is exactly the look Im going for. She is lovely.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Down by the Roller Coaster.

So many of my favorite things in nature in this picture.....
Marilyn knows what shes doing.....
Nature and Crystal... dont mind if I do
Always will, Indiana.
Yes it was something like this....
A recent new thing for burnettes... hahaha wonder why.
Love these lights!!!!!!
How sweet is this? Ahhhh love this idea, picture, concept