Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Visual SNACK

A post has been so long overdue... with school, work, and exercising I haven't had much time to keep y'all updated. So this post promises to be full of beauty, love, humor, and adventure...Schunbrun Palace in Vienna... One of my favorites to visit on my trip in Europe
Imagine this room filled with gorgeous gowns, exquisite music, beautiful people, flowing champagne, whispered romance.... oh to go to a ball.
Gotta love summer..
My secret kept.
This look does not get old!!!!!
From the outside looking in... I envy these people. Isn't it amazing to think that people actually get to live here!?
She is beautiful.
Muhahahahahahahahahahhaahah this is your laugh for the day. muahahahahahahah
I love the colors in this picture. Perfect color palate for a home.
This is exactly the look Im going for. She is lovely.

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