Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ashley, Lilli, Clara

My friends came!!!!! I cant even tell you how amazing it was to see them. CLARA, ASHLEY, and LILLI! They came down to stay with me for a couple days and catch up. It felt amazing to be myself around them again. They were full of compliments, love, and fun.
I was so inspired by them, with all the things they are doing. They impressed me to seek out my talents again and continue to follow my dreams.
Monday we ate dinner at the Foundry Grill and then we went to Deer Creek and jumped off the dock into the water! SO funny. We all stripped, held hands, and jumped in. It couldn't have been more beautiful.... clear, cool water, bright stars above, mountains all around, laughing and joking.
Tuesday we had an amazing brunch then went shopping all day in Salt Lake. Then we had dinner at La Casita. After, we went for a walk on my road and ended up having a dance party under the overpass. Next thing I know Ashley is naked and running through the sprinklers. So OF COURSE we all have to follow suit. We are running around naked in these sprinklers by the building and this old security guard comes out of nowhere and starts yelling at us that we have one minute to get in the car and get out of there! We were screaming and trying to find our clothes to get in the car. hahahahah Must have been quite the spectacle. We didnt stop laughing for an hour.
They were the most perfect two days I have had since high school. Unbelievable. I love those girls so much. Im so lucky I have them! I miss them so much!

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  1. I'm so glad you got this moment! Soooo needed and good for you! Loves x