Sunday, July 22, 2012

Truth can never be buried

I saw the new Batman movie last night.  The thoughts it inspired in me were, I'm sure, very different from most people who saw it. What struck me the most was the remembrance of Harvey Dent.  He was an honorable man,  a man who fought against those who tried to harm and intimidate in order to obtain more power.  Because of the horrific events he endured, he became what he had once fought against.  He emerged as two faced, an irrational, angry, and violent man.  He believed he had nothing left to fight for.  Upon his death, those who knew the monster he had become chose to remain silent.  They chose to allow the people to remember him as the saint, not the villain, even though he was both.  They chose to lie and recreate the events that had transpired in order to protect the people they loved and served.
In the third Batman movie, I saw the aftermath of what recreating events, believing you are serving a greater good, really creates.  It creates injustice.  It creates a greater pain and suffering for everyone later on.  Truth is always the right option.  Facing the facts is always the right thing to do.  Accepting actions that are your responsibility is the right thing to do.  Accepting the consequences of those actions with grace is the honorable thing to do.
Sometimes I wonder if finally facing the truth, even though the majority of the outcomes were painful, was the right thing to do.  Sometimes I wonder if I should have let things die allowing you to be the saint you believed yourself to be. But we can't hide from the truth.  Truth can never be buried. 

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