Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fields of Gold. Skies of Gray.

I had to get away this past weekend; had one hell of a week and I was missing my schwest so much! I literally didn't want to move unless it was in a direction that led me closer to her.  Next thing I know, Im on a plane and my sister is in my arms.  Nothing better.  She is remarkable.  A true gem.  It was rainy in Seattle the whole time, but I didn't mind at all; I was with my sisssstttteeerrr and her beautiful, happy, baby.  We did so much: got lost in an alice in wonderland themed corn maze, ate Ivar's on the dock, made homemade popcorn balls, went shopping, ate Cassies bomb freakin dig French Toast made from homemade bread, ate at the Rainforest Cafe (yes... we did a lot of eating), ate at Justin's mom's house, put a mustache on Daphne, fed Daphne a lime (ok, so maybe I did that... ok ok and put the stache on Daphne while  Cassie rolled her eyes, but stop getting hung up on the details), did pear tasting experiments (very exotic.. you ask the produce man which two are the best and then you eat them), ate free wieners from a German man (again, those details! give it a rest), and catapulted pumpkins..

 Are you wondering how Daphne is standing on her own? I'll never tell!

 Did that face just make you laugh out loud!? How hilarious is she!? I think she is going to have a fabulous sense of humor... just a hunch...
 Here I am just explaining all about the Queen of Hearts...
Here I am making her cry......  

Here I am feeding her a piece of baby corn. Baby corn did I say? Why, yes. Yes, I did.
 She is diggin it!!!
 (I wish I had the pic of the weiner to insert here.)
 Ok, you win Cass... yes Im glad you made the produce man take our picture.  This is one of my favorites from my trip...
 The Daph pre feeding. The rattle pre cleaning. Both happened a lot that day..

Fish are an excellent distractor if you ever need one for a baby.  Just sayin. 
From Seattle, with love 


  1. Love your pictures! Sad I couldn't come!

  2. We've both done the big cities on the opposite side of the country with our siblings... now it's time to do the opposite side of the world with EVERYONE!!!!! booo freakin ya.

  3. I love all these pictures! So CUTE!!